• POLISHED CONCRETE Heavy-duty machines are used to gradually grind down a concrete surface to the desired degree of shine and smoothness, similar to sanding wood





  • STAIN & SEAL - Stains are used to deposit color deep into the concrete slab. Sealing is essential for protecting floors from damage, corrosion, and staining

  • METALLIC EPOXY - Metallics are layered with epoxy to create exotic effects. The metallic powder moves through the epoxy as it cures leaving a lava floor or pearlescent design

  • EPOXY FLAKE  - Color flake materials are inserted into epoxy to create a vibrant, multi-hued look

  • DECORATIVE CONCRETE OVERLAYS - Concrete overlays can be stained, stamped, and resurfaced to replicate high end flooring such as stone, wood plank, brick, tile, slate, marble, and more 

  • GRIND & SEAL- Grind and seal describes what we can do to concrete that is old, dirty, and worn out looking. We grind a layer of concrete to create a new layer and a protective clear coat is applied to give it a nice and shiny look. It's very natural and creates a smooth finish.

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